We are a team, Magestic and Medicene Wolf, devoted to the Creator of all that is here to help heal Ourselves, our Brothers and Sisters and Mother Earth. We listen and follow the guidance of Great Spirit in the best way we know how. We present a list of the skills and gifts we have to offer, and we share openly the knowledge that has been gathered in our Spiritual Journey. 


Herbs, salves, gem elixirs, tinctures, tonics, creams, smoke blends, breath sprays, essential oil gem mist, smudging supplies, lucid dreaming pillow packs, immune boosters and superfoods such as propolis, colloidal silver, turmeric, msm, diatomaceous earth, shilajit, shungit, cacao, maca, herbal teas, and water packages. 

All of our gem essence elixir's and aroma therapy mists are made with the highest quality gems and distilled Sedona Vortex water. They are infused with intentions of healing as well as a sense of well being, each gem stone has its own unique healing properties. They are made of the Full Moon! Our collection of aromatherapy mists are made with high quality essential oils. Try an elixir and enjoy the energy! Use on of our mists to spray on face, body or room and enjoy the therapeutic effects! 


Our Light-Work extends, but is not limited to...
Meditation, QiGong, Theta Healing, Gem Therapy, Breath Work, Aromatherapy, Tarot Readings, Life-Coaching, Healing Ceremonies, Cacao/Kava Ceremonies.

Healthy Living Workshops: Learn how to make your own raw superfood chocolates, healthy hot drinks, smoothies and desserts, healthy food preparation, starting an organic garden, protective grid your house against harmful frequencies like EMF, and much more!  

All of our workshops are FREE. Donations are welcome to further our spiritual work. Private one-on-one sessions are available. Retreats and Private Events are available for booking. Read about us and learn more...


Hand made one of a kind healing art such as:
  • Dream Catchers,
  • Leather Medicine Bags,
  • Purses, Protective Cuffs,
  • Buffalo Abundance Wallets,
  • Jewelry (made of raw and natural materials that we hunt for, and mine in their natural and raw state, such as: Silver/Copper/Brass gemstone pendants, rings, earrings),
  • Gem Talismans and Metaphysical Tools such as Orgone Energy Devices: Like Wands, and Copper Magnetic Bracelets.