Youth Programming Director

Stacy Lynn is all about empowerment and creating AMAZING things, through joyful manifestation and co-creative support, by transforming our Challenges into Triumphs to re-train our brain to achieve our highest potential and Dream Big!

A native of the Midwest, Rasmussen studied at Purdue in Fort Wayne Indiana, majoring in Psychology and minoring in Human Services, also having a background in Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Sociology, Communications, and Women’s Studies. Dedication never ran dry as Stacy worked in the Office of the Dean of Students during college, and ran the Freshman Mentoring Program. Tripling the numbers of participants within the first three months (than the previous ten years) she learned that through passionate engagement, anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

After college Stacy worked as a Youth and Family Specialist in a secure locked Residential Treatment Center, with at-risk youth (ages 9 thru 15) suffering from mild, to severe, behavioral issues, and mental illnesses. This would set the stage for working at a Montessori school as a guide for 18 month old toddlers, where she perfected her skills in strategic thinking, futuristic planning, controlling energy in a room, and seeing how each individual's thoughts, feelings, and actions affect a group as a whole even at the tender age of 2 years old. “I was able to sync my energy up with a room full of 20 children who could barely talk, and get them to act the way I wanted them to, just by shifting my personal energy field, and setting up the environment. It was great training! I also perfected my compassion skills and learned to be able to explain things in simplistic terminology. My eldest son helps me to continue this practice. He keeps me on my toes!” says Rasmussen.

"It's difficult to explain exactly how I was raised differently, but the best way to explain is that in order to write material comedians have to see the world from a truly unique perspective” It is very similar to what a DJ does with music, but comedians do so (while on-stage) by controlling the energy of the room with laughter, while they are scanning the crowd and reading human behaviors simultaneously. Comics have to quickly pick up on cues if there is a heckler, and be able to write material by dissecting the idiosyncrasies of human behavior and then regurgitate it in a brilliantly new and twistedly humorous way, for people to change their perspective and (hopefully) elicit change."

Growing up and moving around all over was a challenge for young Stacy, as her mother was a standup comedian, and travel was a requirement. Being a “show-biz brat” and growing up her younger years in a suburb of Chicago had its perks, like tagging along to the comedy clubs with mom to watch her perform, and sometimes even running around the halls of the hotels, and getting quarters from people to play the video games.

Starlight: Since we are all Starlight Projects… How do you see your past experiences melding and morphing into what would make you a Star at the Foundation today? How does that give you special ability to help others?

Stacy: “I have always had abilities for as long as I can remember. I have always been able to see sound and hear color, this is called Synesthesia; according to Psychology Today, only about 5% of the population has it. I have always been interested in things other people didn't seem to notice. I was considered the weird kid in school and had to train myself to DIM my perception because it was so distracting. I was able to finally find my worth in my accomplishments and achievements in college because I did pretty poorly in school after about 6th grade. I learned to love school while studying Psychology at Indiana-Purdue in Fort Wayne.

I was a strange child. My mom would often pull me aside to have me notice situations from different perspectives, I did my best to acclimate. I daydreamed a lot. I fit in with some other kids, but they always knew there was something different about me. For instance, in first grade, my best friend was the 70-year-old woman across the street. In 7th grade, I would take the long way home from school in order to visit a homeless woman, and her dog every day. As an adult, I understand that that was my medicine coming out, that my heart had such space for compassion and empathy that I was susceptible to my surroundings. I didn't know that this was why people would hurt me. I majored in psychology because I could not find a therapist who could help me entirely. Little did I know that it would come in handy later on in life as a Survivor, Advocate, Coach, and Mentor to others.

We were ALL put on this earth for a divine purpose. Nothing is a mistake. What were YOU put on this planet for? How can I help you find your life path? My life path is to show other people their life paths, remain as open, real and authentic as possible through my process in order to help others through their process. And of course to enjoy life as much as possible with those I love. My karma in this life is to be a teacher and to not allow information to end with me. I choose to pass on this knowledge gathered by myself and others to the many generations to come. It isn't always easy all the time to fulfill this, which is why it is part of my mission to fulfill this lesson, but the more that I fulfill it the more Spirit supports me."

Starlight: What specific parts of your life would you say have led you to follow your life path today through Starlight Projects Foundation?

Stacy: “I have a story that is not very typical to many people, but I can say that as a result, I have an easy time relating to a very wide range of people because of my experiences. People are often shocked when I tell them what I have been through, and things that have happened to me. I continue to make my mental, emotional and spiritual health my number one priority. I can't help others with their deepest fears, traumas, and vulnerabilities without working on my own. It is an everyday commitment.

I have self-healed through a multilayered and multifaceted eating disorder, various addictions, multiple and many years of different forms of abuse, PTSD, and anxiety and depression.I was a size 16 or 18, and weighed 190lbs. I dropped to 140lbs and a size 8-10. People often tell me I “glow” now. I like to feel like I am glowing! Haha (laughs). Weight is really just emotions, thoughts, and intentions turned into solid energy. No wonder it can be SO hard to lose weight! These results were achieved through energy healing and life coaching, what we call Shape Shifting. It could not be done through just diet, exercise, and pills. I tried that. I gained it all back and then some! Then I felt horrible about myself for failing. As a Shape Shifting Coach, I now am able to guide others through their own journeys, to help them to live the best lives possible as well! Anyone can do this. I have lost 50 lbs., and being only 5'2 that's quite a bit!

We all struggle in our own ways, but the thing is we don't have to! That's the beauty of it! Once we learn what our karmic lessons and our spiritual paths are, we can empower ourselves in ways we never knew possible. We were all put on this earth for a divine purpose. What were you put on this planet for? How can I help you?! What is Spirit’s plan for you? I can help you find Your path. I am more than just a title, I am a way-shower of stars, a spiritual guide. I have mastered the art of unblocking my energy, navigating the physical and spiritual planes, and honing in on what I want out of my life. My life path is to show other people their life paths. Help guide them in the right direction, and then help them if they get lost along the way.