Deputy Director

       Born in Kennett Missouri, Kyleigh attended Northwest Missouri State University in pursuit of a degree in Business Administration and graduated from the Art Institute in 2009 with a degree in Interactive Media and Graphic Design. She is not only Adobe and Microsoft Certified, but also a Certified Instructor for both, skilled in Graphic/Web Design, Marketing and Creating Virtual Environments. Worked with STEM, PTO and Virtual Education solutions in the classrooms. Teach Small Business Workshops and Courses on an Enterprise Level at local Community Colleges. She has participated in the creation of websites, management, and installation of software applications for various youth organizations as well as advocacy groups and non-profit organizations. Her experience also includes working with the SBA and small businesses enterprise projects at local community colleges to teach web development and design to area small businesses.

In a pursuit for virtual education solutions, Kyleigh’s vision is to see after-school centers for gang-torn, physically ill, or autistic spectrum children where they can learn in a safe environment, and that is best suited for their learning style. Availability should include access from any environment.  “I saw the misappropriation of funds for special needs programs in the public schools my son attended. I saw misuse of funding for STEM projects first hand. I saw improvements that needed to be made and decided to put my efforts into building a platform that meets the needs of all learning spectrums.”

Besides all of her advocacy for education and technology, she is also a champion for the underdog by taking on high-risk clients to the mainstream circuit. Kyleigh was responsible for the creation of marketing plans and deliverables, site creation, and e-commerce stores for start-up businesses, taboo industry products like GMO-free and Organic Food, Sexual Health and Wellness, Health Supplements, Vapor Products, Tobacco, Herbal and Medical CBD/Cannabis products.

Mituzas Activism and sense of community commitment do not stop there… She has served on the MO-151 Civil Air Patrol and helped in times of crisis, and natural disaster situations. Kyleigh underwent years of childhood trauma from her father’s drug addiction and PTSD after serving as a Marine in Vietnam. She witnessed and endured domestic violence, her innocence was taken by sexual assault, and later in life, she would have to protect her own child from abuse of his natural father. Her own experience brings forward the fervor and dedication with which she serves the public as she works with crime victims via education media and websites for children that have been victims of sexual assault, and advocacy organizations across the virtual globe as she says… “You are not the things that have been done to you. You are what is left. I bring my strength, experience, and resilience. I bring the belief that you can rise above any obstacle and choose to be a decent person no matter what your background is. You can choose to be the love and light in this world. There are people that care and are willing to support you, this is my way of saying thank you to all of the people who cared enough to support me.”

Inspired by the need for a flexible job where she could work from any location, Kyleigh started seeing the internet as a way to educate and teach the masses with the ability to reach anyone with internet connection. When her son was diagnosed with Leukemia, she spent 3.5 years in the hospital witnessing the struggle with education, socializing, and the isolation of the patients and parents from family and friends. First-hand she saw the changes that needed to be made in the medical and educational systems. “I saw families and friends separated by disease. I saw the fear of death and the devastating effects of not living in harmony with the planet. I wanted to bring awareness to these issues in my community,” she says of the experience.

Starlight: How do you think your life so far has crafted your path to have you end up here. At Starlight Projects Foundation?

Kyleigh: “I started my journey from an early age. I had a love for mythology and fairy tales and the hidden messages that I found. I loved weird and amazing stories and searched for the origin of all religions and native tribes. It was my mission. I was the weird girl who brought astrology charts for “show and tell” at school, but I realized early in life that I was different. I got my first computer in 7th grade. I started creating my own newsletters and worked as an editor for the school newspaper in High School. I was always working on some sort of creative project that allowed me to express myself. I participated in drama, debate and band activities as well.

I wanted to be President of the United States as a child. I wanted to be a lawyer and civil servant of the country. I had this call to serve and be a voice of the people. I felt that social contracts had not been honored. Now as an adult, my journey has brought me here. Delivered me to bring my skills and talents to Starlight Projects Foundation hoping to fulfill a demand and help others at the same time.”

Starlight: Part of Starlight Project’s mission, as a Native American based organization, is to return to the primal, and ancient ways of being. The ways that harken from before the time of recorded history. The Divine Plan as given to us by Creator of all. How have you reconciled your spirituality with our mission?

Kyleigh: “I was raised in a rural farming community on the floodways of the Mississippi River, just north of the “Bible Belt.” I was raised with the preaching of Southern Baptists and Church of Christ doctrine. My family loved God and Jesus but I found myself crying and arguing internally with their representation of Christ, Adam and Eve, Original Sin, and other things in the doctrine. But the thing that bothered me the most, was that they did not like the idea of any woman leading prayer or having the call to service of the Lord. “Woman shall not have any authority over man” as they used to say. I spent my time in church reading the Bible for myself. I found the passages that my preacher didn’t talk about.

My Great Grandmother was Cherokee, on my mother’s side. Always happy in the garden, tending the herbs somehow “connected” to nature and at peace. I wanted to know that peace. My love for the Sacred brought me to a Gnostic path steeped in ceremony and mystery traditions. 

I am a Daughter of Fortitude. I am the Shekinah dancing on the outskirts of the desert. I am alone. I am painted and veiled. I am a voice of the Liberation who has been invoked for centuries. Those who hear the CALL will gather with me and we will orbit together under the light of our personal, guiding star… Creator, and we will join as one universal mirror to each other. Bound by, and led by, Spirit that was birthed in our hearts. The Sacred Web. The Sacred Matrix. The Creatrix. The sacred grove. Balance is what is needed now. It takes both energies to birth and creates new worlds. I am ready to get started with those who feel the call. You know who you are and I look forward to being blessed with your knowledge, gifts, and presence when you awaken your Spirit and hear the calls from within. It is time for you to steer the helm of your own Great Ship or Vessel. Do you hear the Call?”

Kyleigh Mituzas is an Ordained Gnostic Matriarch Bishop and Templar Priestess of the Egyptian Mystery Traditions, specializing in Mirror, Archetypes and Shadow Healer Work. Her interests include Native and Ceremonial Events, Workshops, Art, Music, Dance, and Energy Work. She has a love for Technology, Mythology, Philosophy, Alchemy, Hermetics and Jungian Psychology. To find out more about Kyleigh visit http://divineliberation and