Galactivators Musically Enriching Humanity

 To GALACTIVATE means to activate in the Galactic sense. When we are activated with infinite LOVE, we become GALACTIVATED. GALACTIVATIONS transcend all geographical, political, and theological limitations. It does not belong to one country or one religion; it belongs to the entire universe. 

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GALACTIVATORS is a musical performance group with a purpose. We are a social service project that intends to make changes in society toward a perceived greater good by empowering both youth and adults alike with music, art, spirituality, and volunteerism. There are many individuals who are seeking direction in life, but are unfamiliar where to start. We intend to provide a portal for driven individuals to be their altruistic self. We intend to teach others on a massive scale to feel compassion for themselves and others, and help create a better planet. Our goal is to unite the planet as a collective, and expand human consciousness by facilitating the evolution of our species to serve our greater galactic purpose. We activate your light body by helping you turn fear into infinite possibilities. 

We intend to use the power of music to harness the unstoppable energy of the planet, and wield it into a tool to educate and bring empowerment to the masses on a planetary level while promoting cooperation amongst all human beings. By educating the community with the knowledge about how powerful intent can be, we can make a beneficial difference in the human collective. We intend to offer empowerment to individuals who seek it.

Intergalactic starbeings MC Christa Galactica and St. Joseph Michael of GALACTIVATORS intend to GALACTIVATE every being on Earth by bridging the connection between humans and the stars through sound healing and dance. Our frequency-specific music productions are geared towards subconsciously and consciously activating humanity as a whole. We use specific sonic techniques, along with freestyle vocal channeling that trigger our bodies’ own self healing processes through the art of dance, and radical inclusion.

We are currently creating a Hip Hop album where each track awakens the life force energy of the body, mind and soul. Our sound healing encourages all to live interdimensionally, and to transmute emotions into a productive and GALACTIVATED lifestyle as one planet. Our goal is to visually and sonically transmute fear and suffering on EarthWe embody Source Energy, the physical and non-physical energy that holds all universes together, through music and art. Our music productions are a combination of funk, soul, hip hop, dance electronica and world music, with freestyle invocations and performance art.

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Was graced by the presence of these two fabulous humans. Their music moved my soul! I loved their music and the entire vibe! Can’t wait to have them again! GALACTIVATORS made our event...truly felt the love!” - Theresa Menaldo